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Friendster Fun Stuff

Friendster Layouts, Friendster Comments, Graphics, Countdowns, Flash Toys, etc.

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Friendster Comments

Send flash comments to your friends & family. Make them go wow.

Send a comment

Friendster Countdowns

Generate your own friendster countdowns using the free countdown clock generator.

Make a Countdown

Friendster Layouts

Get free friendster layouts for your friendster profile.

Get a Layout

Flash Toys

Get love calculators, photo comments, photo frames and lots more here.

Click Here

Fun Quizzes

Take lots of fun quizzes and post the result in your friendster profile.

Take Fun Quizzes


Send friendster graphics to your friends for free.

Friendster Graphics


Display a cool perpetual calendar showing the current day in your friendster profile.

Get a Calendar


Display a cool clock showing the real time in your friendster profile.

Get a Flash Clock

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